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1) Which is the correct word order?

2) Which sentences are true? Hi! I'm Sophia. I'm thirteen years old and I'm blonde with blue eyes. I live in Arizona. I'm not very tall but I'm quite slim. I'm a student and I study English. I want to be an English teacher. I love Italian food and films. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp! I don't like boy bands. My friend is Mandy. She’s eighteen and a half, and she has red hair and green eyes. She lives with her parents in Birmingham. She works in a clothes shop. In the evening she likes going dancing. She really loves music. She has a lot of CDs and sometimes she sings with her friends! She hates going to the gym!

3) Fill in the gap with the correct word! This .............. girl is wearing a red hat.

4) Which sentences are not correct answers to the question? “What’s your hobby?”

5) Which one is correct? “I have got …………. short, brown hair and ……… blue eyes.”

6) Which number is spelt correctly?

7) Which is the correct spelling of the following word?

8) Which is the incorrect word? “This is a ………. house with a garden.“

9) Which word is the opposite of "man"?

10) Which word is the opposite of "sister"?

11) Which are the correct singular-plural pairs?

12) Which answer is correct? "How do you do?”

13) Which words are in connection with the topic HOBBY?

14) Which words are in connection with the topic FAMILY?

15) Which words are in connection with the topic HOUSE?

16) Where can you put "the"? We live in ….(1)…. big house in ….(2)…. city centre. ….(3)…. house has got three bedrooms ….(4)…. kitchen, ….(5)…. living room and a bathroom.

17) Put the indefinite articles “a, an” into the sentences! We live in ….(1)…. big house in ….(2)…. city centre. ….(3)…. house has got three bedrooms ….(4)…. kitchen, ….(5)…. living room and a bathroom.

18) Which is the correct linking word? “I like going to school ………… I like my teacher.“

19) Which is correct? “ There isn’t ………. cheese in the fridge. “

20) Which are the grammatically incorrect sentences?

21) Connect the opposites! noisy

22) Connect the opposites! big

23) Connect the opposites! shy

24) Which is the correct question to the following answer? “ Here you are.”

25) Put the parts of the text into the correct order! a) Later everyone was laughing and when I looked in the mirror I saw my eyelashes were on my cheeks! I went so red.
b) At the party I was playing with a balloon and it burst in my face.
c) Once I went to a party and I thought that I looked fantastic.
d) I put on my false eyelashes and wore my best dress.

26) Fill in the gap with 1 or 2 ! There ………. a bottle of milk in the fridge yesterday.

27) There ………. bananas in the shop a week ago.

28) Which can be the correct answers? “I’m so happy because I’m the winner of the race.“

29) Fill in the gap with the correct linking word! It’s the magazine ……. boys and girls like reading.

30) Fill in the gap with the correct linking word! I didn’t want to stay ………. I went home.

31) Put the paragraphs of the short text into the correct order!
a) The writer JK Rowling first wrote about Harry in the book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. Harry is a wizard and he studies at a special school called Hogwarts with his two friends, Hermione and Ron.
b) He also has another good friend, Hagrid, who is a giant. When Harry wants to send a message he uses his owl, Hedvig. Harry is getting older now. What do you think he is going to do next?
c) Harry Potter is perhaps the most famous boy in the world. We can read about his life in books or watch his adventures in films. Millions of people saw the third film “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askhaban” and there will be more films in the next years.
d) He can do magic and has a lot of fights with his enemy, Voldemort. The headmaster of the school, Dumbledore, is a powerful, old wizard and a good friend to Harry.

32) Which is correct?

33) In which cases is the order of adjectives correct?

34) Which noun does not suit the sentence? “ She often goes by ……… to work.”

35) Which can be incorrect?

36) Focus on the use of commas! Which version is correct?

37) When do we not use the definite article: “the”?

38) Find the synonyms of beautiful.

39) Find the synonyms of big.

40) How do we spell the following word?

41) Where can you use “on” ?

42) Where can you use “in” ?

43) In which words do you pronounce the [ju:] sounds?

44) Choose the correct sentences!

45) Use the correct modal verbs! Several answers can be correct! She ………. play the piano very well.

46) Which is correct? Look at ..... .

47) Which is the correct determiner? We have ............. apples. Let's go to the shop.

48) Which tense(s) would you use in the following sentence? It ……. (snow) heavily three days ago.

49) Which is correct?

50) I didn’t want to stay ………. I went home.

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