Kedves Érdeklődő, kedves Leendő Diákunk!

A megfelelő nyelvtanfolyam kiválasztásához kérjük, oldd meg on-line szintfelmérő tesztünket. Kérdésenként több helyes válasz megadása lehetséges! Ennek a tesztnek kitöltése azoknak javasolt, akik rendelkeznek legalább középfokú nyelvvizsgával (B2) vagy már elvégeztek B2 szintű tananyagot.

1) Will you choose the correct forms.
He was a very happy person. He ________ always tell funny stories and laugh with us.

2) The storm ________ a lot of damage to the trees.

3) Will you choose the correct question.

4) They ________ be at home since the lights are not on in their house.

5) Which sentences are correct?

6) Will you fill in the correct preposition. The oil tank blew _______. (exploded)

7) You should carry _______. (continue)

8) The two friends fell _______. (quarreled)

9) Promise that you won’t give _______ my secret. (reveal)

10) He has turned _______ a really beneficial offer. (refuse)

11) Will you choose the most suitable form.

12) Will you choose the most suitable form.

13) Will you choose the most suitable form.

14) Will you choose the most suitable form.

15) Can “brilliant” be intensified with ...

16) Can “good” be intensified with ...

17) Can “tired” be intensified with ...

18) Can “unspeakable” be intensified with ...

19) Match the expressions with the definitions in the next 5 excercises. Kool-Aid

20) knickerbockers

21) Bobby

22) Stars and Stripes

23) This matter is none of your business.’ – Which of the following sentences is identical in meaning?

24) Which words contain a diphthong (e.g.: /ai/, /ei/, etc.)?

25) Will you choose the correct answers. Jenna got _______ at a football match.

26) What I can’t stand is _______ early!

27) Whatever happens, I ___________ by you!

28) She congratulated _____ passing my driving test.

29) Paula’s flight is bound to be late although…

30) In the end it all __________ a question of trust.

31) A(n) __________ is someone who has been shipwrecked.

32) His new book on the long-term effects of the Norman Conquest ______ well recently.

33) Open the door, ____ you?

34) Two days before her wedding, my sister held a ____ party for her female friends.

35) No wonder she is so thin, she eats like a _____.

36) Stop putting the teacher _____, it wasn’t her fault you failed the exam.

37) By the time the police arrived the thieves had made ______.

38) I have given up hope. My house _________ for ten years by next year. It will never be finished.

39) He told me he ______ he _______ Burma the following summer.

40) Canuck

41) Elvis Presley had a high-soaring career, so he went from rags to _______.

42) She advised me _________ a good lawyer

43) I have _____________ my bicycle repaired twice this week.

44) I usually have Sarah ____________ my hair.

45) You ________ drive me home, I'll take a taxi.

46) By the time you arrive I ___________ the lawn.

47) She is said to ___________ to Spain tomorrow.

48) Suppose you _________ the job, what would you do?

49) Last night ____________.

50) "I buy something for myself every week. I just love pampering myself." This person is ___________.

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